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Solutions | Creating our Paradise on Earth


Welcome to the "Solution-Action" page

In this section you will find a way to resolve challenges on the 4 different levels.

We can make a difference in this world. The ONLY way to begin changing the world is to change ourselves first. For instance, daily actions that appear simple and start in our personal environment and homes OR using "earth" friendly products, practicing waste-reducing techniques or by learning mindful ways to feel good in our body and mind.

Taking care of ourselves day by day by managing our behaviours towards a better world, and developing awareness is certainly the key but what is awareness if the "action" piece is not activated? Words and knowing need to be followed by doing!

Different services and support systems are at your disposal to make the best choices for your needs.

Take Action!

Select the element of your choice and take positive steps towards Creating our Paradise on Earth!

Mind Training Body Training Environmental Solutions Social Solutions

Solution-Action Partners


Futuresources "From Within" offers customized coaching programs tailored to the needs of corporations, non-profits, schools, individuals etc... by telephone, via the internet or face to face.

Futuresources "From Within" also provides a range of customized Workshops, Coaching and Keynote Speeches based on Emotional Intelligence, Communication Skills, Pleasurology, Career etc...

Be Different Be You
Be Different By You provides you with tools to live an extraordinary life. A book and workshop that will propel you to the next level. If one changes the world, one can dare to be different!  
Future Organic World
"Our mission is to bring you the very best variety of healthy and organic product and service choices along with information and opportunity that will help you and your family for today and tomorrow"  
Communication International
Leonore has a deep appreciation for nature and the natural. For her the out-of-doors is an environmental classroom where deep learning, reflection and wisdom are initiated.   

Her passion in life is to help increase understanding of systems and diversity, both in nature and in man-made societies and their cultures. She strives to bring harmony, peace and joy to individuals and groups while honouring the alignment to a powerful connection beyond human beings. She is a business and life coach, cross-cultural trainer and works with people from diverse and international backgrounds www.communicating.org.