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Paradise Values Charter | Creating our Paradise on Earth

Paradise Values Charter

Defining Values:
Values are the components of behaviour that guide the action of an individual, group or nation. When an individual is said to be true to Self, that Self is best described by clearly defined values. The values outlined here inspire the direction of the vision and mission statement of the Creating our Paradise on Earth project.

Values have tremendous influence over all aspects of our lives. If we allow them, they become our guiding principle - our chosen standard of behaviour. They affect our decisions when we consider qualities that are important to us. They can motivate, guide and empower our actions. When we have clarity about our values, we behave with purpose and intention.

Importance and Benefits of Values:
We can choose to build our life on a foundation of values that we consider important. When we live by those chosen behaviours we gain a sense of self-respect, purpose, balance and happiness.

As an individual, you may identify yourself as a member of a family, social group, organization, culture or country. With all our potential difference we are still part of the human race. There are universal timeless and enduring values that are at the core of humanity. We have endeavoured to identify them here.

A Closer Look:
Have you looked at your values lately? What do you consider important behaviours to live by? So often we don’t take the time to think about our values until we experience a crisis or personal challenge. In the face of adversity we can tap into our reserves of courage and confidence - a foundation that we can build during times of self-reflection. By focusing on what is important to us we can reaffirm our sense of identity.

When times are stormy values are like a lighthouse preventing us from drifting off course and anchoring us to our sense of self. In calm times values are the wind in our sails, propelling us to live fully with purpose and direction.

Therefore, it is most important to consider the future with a different set of values as our guidelines for the creation of a better world. You will notice references to the values throughout the website. They are integrated as living organic codes that inspire our vision and mission statement.


Everything begins with love. Love is the 'mother' of all values and sets the tone for the other values. Love expresses itself in a multitude of complex combinations of emotions but the main feelings expressed here are: interpersonal love between human beings commonly found within the context of intimate relationships, friendships, family members or for a family pet. Impersonal love can be felt for your country or a cause. People can love material things, activities or food. It seems that love involves a level of preference, passion or commitment - all in varying degrees. When we are in the state of love we are in the state of fulfillment.
LOVE can be expressed through these component values*: (click here to see the list)
When a person is accountable for their actions or when they "take ownership", they are taking responsibility for themselves. When we take responsibility for ourselves we often learn from mistakes and apply our lessons to life in order to improve with experiences. Self-reflection or self-awareness is a paramount aspect of taking responsibility since we must review our actions in order to know what we are responsible for. Many people would rather prefer to be right than sorry. By apologizing we are taking responsibility for our actions. The rewards of taking responsibility are wisdom, self-respect and respect of peers as it demonstrates strength of character. 
TAKING RESPONSIBILITY can be expressed through these component values*: (click here to see the list)
When a person is modest or NOT expressing pride or arrogance we say they are humble. Humility disables the ego, thus allowing for the expression of love where it was previously blocked. Furthermore, it allows for being receptive to learning with an open mind and open heart. In the state of humility we feel gratitude that makes us appreciative of life.
"I claim to be a simple individual liable to err like any other fellow mortal. I own, however, that I have humility enough to confess my errors and to retrace my steps."
HUMILITY can be expressed through these component values*: (click here to see the list)


Empathy and Compassion
Empathy is ability to imagine being in another person's shoes in order to experience what they are feeling. We may then understand their emotional state from a rational perspective. Compassion is  prompted by the pain of others and is even more vigorous than empathy because it inspires a need to alleviate others' suffering.
Giving from an ethical standpoint in different forms (time, money, energy, presence, etc.)  in order to help, achieve or bring about a common goal through collaboration.
The quality of being different in all forms (religion, race, culture, sexual orientation, training, political affiliation, etc.) Diversity confirms where we are different from each other but also shows the humanity we all share on this planet.
Giving strength and sense of confidence to others. It is applicable in various contexts such as spiritually, educationally, professionally and interpersonally.
Refers to the feminine aspect in all of us such as being an educator, being loving, refined, nurturing, gentle, kind and patient.
Human Rights
Refers to the "basic rights and freedoms to which all humans are entitled."
"All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood."
When we feel optimistic, happy, joyful, content, fulfilled in any situation. Being self-effacing allows others to see our honesty and courage. Choosing to see a situation from an amusing perspective.
Reverence for all life: humans, animals and our environment. We also promote different opinions and diversity in all forms (religion, race, culture, sexual orientation, political affiliation, etc.)


Keep Your Beliefs Positive

because ...
Your Beliefs become your Thoughts,
Your Thoughts become your Words,
Your Words become your Actions,
Your Actions become your Values,
Your Values become your Destiny.
     - Mahatma Gandhi -

We invite you to download the Paradise Values Charter Pledge. Once you've printed and signed it, feel free to proudly hang it on your wall at your home and/or office. People might ask you about it and that's your opportunity to explain your commitment and desire to changing the world one step at a time.