In early spring 2006, Patrick Rhein had an urge and strong desire to create a paradise on earth. It came to him spontaneously in the night and in such clarity that he had to get up immediately and write the plan he clearly had in his mind.

He was highly excited, but being a business coach and trainer, came back to reality thinking that it was only a dream! Even though he continued to polish his dream and to talk to a few people about it, he didn't really put too much effort into it. Other life priorities took precedence until, strangely enough, in the summer 2006, he participated in a workshop where "the dream" factor not only got acknowledgment but also encouragement.

Every creation, invention and shifts on this planet started with a dream. Scientifically speaking, dreaming is a crucial part of human survival. Dream big! You have heard that before and often it remains a dream. Well, this time, the energy is so well aligned and the time is perfect, that a community of contributors and like minded people is born.

A core group has put their energy together and created a portal of information and growth/solutions opportunities for creating a paradise on earth, facilitating the expansion of a global like minded community. Patrick does not have the intention of creating a paradise by himself of course but more so a global community that will imagine, create and give rise to a better place to live, to custom design our own paradise here and now, within a few years and for future generations.

The Paradise on Earth team

Patrick Rhein

Patrick Rhein, born in Switzerland, is passionate about creating a paradisaical world in terms of human interaction and the environment. He is a 28 year professional in management and leadership training, sales, business development, emotional intelligence, executive coaching / mentoring and communication. He is a certified Emotional Intelligence Instructor and qualified CTI coach. Living and traveling in 8 countries on 4 continents has given Patrick an international perspective that has initiated this vision of what a paradise on earth could look like. See www.coachfromwithin.com for more details.

Patrick is also the author of the book “Be different, Be YOU!”, a self-help book full of nuggets to thrive and maximize the reader’s potential. For more details visit www.bedifferentbeyou.com.

Avina Skolnik

Firstly, I wish to express my gratitude for living in a country where I have the personal freedom to recreate my community and my planet. I also feel it is time to share knowledge and the indefatigable curiosity I have for life and learning.

I consider myself an explorer of the inner realms of the mind. From early personal experience I witnessed how my mind influenced the functioning of my body. By 1984 I begin my journey of self-exploration in order to understand the mind/body connection in greater depth. Since that time my life has been singularly focused on exploring and understanding my own mind, human behaviour in general, how life and the world works, what our existence means, why are we here on earth, our purpose….etc. To quench my thirst for self-knowledge and understanding I participated in many personal growth seminars and retreats over the years - always challenging myself past the illusions of fear toward a clearer sense of self. (see list below for selected trainings/seminars/retreats)

I studied Adlerian, Jungian, Gestalt and Cognitive Psychology, Re-Evaluation Counselling and Bioenergetic Analysis. I have worked with children with developmental and behavioural challenges. I also studied Maria Montessori's approach to learning whose foundation is built upon encouraging self-esteem, confidence and respect of self and others.

Academically I am a graduate of York University where I studied Film and TV. I worked as 'continuity' or 'script supervisor' on several films and commercials. Attention to multiple details while simultaneously holding the bigger picture in view were skills I refined in that environment. My professional work since 1996 has been as a Registered Massage Therapist where my approach is client-centered and wholistic. My understanding of the mind/body connection informs my work as I function as a catalyst for improving clients health and condition of well-being.

My focus and interest has been about discovering the meaning of consciousness and allowing it to take root within my mind and heart for the purpose of transformation. I continue to delve into the inner realms and seek to understand. I bring to the MIND section of the Paradise on Earth Project my interest in ingenuity, creativity, analysis, truth and logic mixed with compassion, intuition and joy.

Selected Trainings/Seminars/Retreats

  1. http://www.truesourceseminars.com/true-life.html - True Life - A Life-Fulfillment Mastery Retreat with Russell Scott
  2. http://betransparent.com/Basic.html - LifeStream Basic seminar and I.P.I. retreat with Ross Quinn
  3. http://www.landmarkeducation.com/ - Landmark Education - The Forum and S.E.L.P. training
  4. http://marianne.iamplify.com/about.jsp - Marianne Williamson - a seminar on A Return to Love
  5. http://ncbi.org/ - National Coalition Building Institute - training with Bob Dungey
  6. http://www.blacklightning.on.ca/About_Us/about_us.html - Black Lightening - Native Indian Medicine Wheel retreats
  7. http://www.emofree.com/ Emotional Freedom Technique - training
  8. http://www.myss.com/ - Carolyn Myss - seminar on The Language of the Soul
  9. http://www.hospicetoronto.ca/ - Hospice Toronto - hospice volunteer training
Helene Moser


I was born on a farm in Switzerland and have always been very curious about life. Learning and understanding about myself and the environment is fascinating to me.

Since 1993 I have been working as a physiotherapist; each year I add to my knowledge by taking a post-graduate workshop (such as all the levels of Maitland manual techniques, Bobath courses, Myofascial release techniques, respiratory rehabilitation and more)

In 2002 I finished my training as a Franklin-Method therapist and regularly give workshops, training sessions and lectures about the Franklin-Method. The participants are dancers, physiotherapists, physical educators, Pilates teachers and other body therapists, from all over Europe and Brazil.

I also work as a Shiatsu therapist. This helps me to learn a great deal about alternative medicine.

What interests me is being able to use the different attributes and the potential of our body and movements. How can I make my life and the quality of my movements into a piece of art? A beautiful movement is a healthy movement and we have to know that the way we use our body will have an influence on the shape it takes. That is the beauty of plasticity. It is good to be knowledgeable and to act responsibly about how to think of and use our body. My wish is to help other people in this form of “body-art”. Body and mind go together and a set of good movements shapes a smart mind. 

In addition to German, I speak four other languages. I practice and love dancing and all kinds of different sports, like climbing, swimming, cycling and several others. For more then ten years I practise Capoeira, which includes singing, playing music, physical workouts, acrobatics and, what I like the most, playing. It is currently my favourite activity.

I am happy to join the Paradise Project team and to lead the Body Element component in order to provide the best knowledge and advice on how to live a healthy life.


Lineke Heus

A Physiotherapist by training from Amsterdam, Lineke has an extensive perspective on health in all its variations within different societies. Her travels and work as the Lead in the Physiotherapy Department of a Malawian hospital has enabled a deeper grasp on how culture, economics and politics impacts peoples health and lifestyle choices. Lineke is a "doer", "lets get to it" kind of person. Her passion and care for people along with a drive to have the tools to make a difference, resulted in her pursuing and attaining a MSc in Medical Anthropology and Sociology. In doing so, she recently drew national media attention to the needs of an ethnic minority group in Amsterdam at risk due to exclusion from the HIV/AIDS prevention policies and practices. Lineke is passionate about sport activities of all kinds and reflects this passion on to her work with clients, facilitating Rehab Trainings, Stress Reduction Workshops, Pilates or Spinning classes. At present Lineke lives in Toronto, and is assisting with the "Body" element.

Leonore Clauss

Leonore Clauss is passionate about cultural diversity - both created by nature's master plan and through human intervention. Originally from Europe she is keenly aware of environmental issues and she follows innovative approaches in conservation and sustainability with great interest. Her 17 years of experience in global communication is linked to international business consulting and expertise in intercultural training (www.communicating.org). She holds a diploma in adult education as well as being certified as a global business coach. Her work contributes to mindfulness in attitudes and behaviours of business leaders in major Fortune 500 companies. As a presenter in professional associations she has spoken in Japan, Kenya, Norway, Britain, and all over North America. On top of her busy professional career she is either busily traveling the world's most exotic places or exploring the backwoods of Northern Ontario, both on foot or in a canoe. Leonore has joined the team and is taking care of the "Environment" element.

Alcy Infinity

Alcy Infinity is a French-Australian electronic engineer, computer architect, inventor, and is passionate about health and self healing techniques. He has been working on revolutionary security software solutions, he has designed CyberForceField and CyberMartialArts, as computer security was necessary for his main dreams in particular the building of networks distributing the best possible quality of food for free for all. The project is called 7F which stands for "Fantastic Free Fresh Food Flows Forever Foreveryone" and will be launched soon. Alcy has also launched the Fundamental Human Rights (new and most important Human Rights), The LOTSystem (alternative currency), 7POWER7 (networking tools), and is an active supporter of UNITED PEOPLE at UPWORLDGOV (direct democracy). Alcy has been studying the effects of food on Human Health and is very concerned about pesticides and all the poisons altering the quality of food and the numerous processes destroying living foods and their needed nutrients. Great supporter of Scientific Research in all areas, Alcy believes that many wise people well connected together with the right tools, love and beautiful values can achieve wonders together including building a paradise on earth. He has joined the team and is taking care of the "Society" element.

Sylvain Rochon

While completing his studies as a biochemist and chemical engineer, Sylvain already dreamed about changing the world to make it a better place. His first attempt was to teach high school science in order to expand the minds of the next generation, revealing to them a bit of the future and teaching scientific responsibility. After a while, he saw that he could do so much more, affecting larger groups through the teachers themselves, so Sylvain became a student of emotional intelligence under the expert tutelage of psychiatrist and author Daniel Chabot, soon becoming a consultant for the Montreal Institute of Emotional Pedagogy, instructing teachers on the subject across Ontario and Quebec.

In parallel, Sylvain started building a business of his own, called Sylien Games, an online game company that give users full control over their entertainment experience and teaches them game design, positive community management and creating thinking. At the same time he was seeding the Creating Our Paradise project and web site with Patrick Rhein mainly to help building up a brand and consulting with the growing group of experts interested in the project in order to make it a successful endeavour that would eventually change the world for the better.

Risa Katayama

I was born in Japan and grew up there. I have been interested in environmental issues especially recycling in today's society. My university studies in Japan involved environmental chemistry.

I am currently living in Toronto to learn the English language and also to learn about the differences between the Japanese lifestyle and others. I am creating a magazine and website mainly for international students like myself with the purpose of sharing ideas and information and to be a connection place for all students in Toronto. Also, I have joined Toronto Environmental Volunteers to teach people how to recycle their household garbage and to improve their motivation to do so.

With 'Creating Our Paradise On Earth' project I would like to help by researching environmental issues and make a presentation of my findings.  I hope my involvement inspires other young people to think about and get involved in environmental issues.

Vanessa Kam

Born in the east (Hong Kong) while growing up in the west (Canada) has given her a unique opportunity to observe & experience the pros/cons of both worlds.  "Be the change you want to see in this world", a motto of Vanessa's, is simply a reflection in many of her  personal endeavours.  Her love for the planet and passion towards the environment are intertwined with her ideals for moral ethics and social reforms in humanity.

In 1999, upon learning the facts of resource-intensive meat industry practices, Vanessa has since become a vegetarian: "The whole idea resonates with my inner consciousness. By switching to a vegetarian diet, each of us could help lessen 70% of greenhouse gases & carbon footprints, and is an equivalent to feeding at least one more village per day."

In the spring of 2006, Vanessa created Sustainable Solutions Community (http://community.livejournal.com/sustainable_sos), an online educational platform to help improve environmental illiteracy.  By educating the public and to provide individuals with viable eco-options, Vanessa envisions an empowered community working on solutions, either big or small, as she truly believes that "Positive changes in our daily living, no matter how insignificant, would eventually lead to a better tomorrow."

In 2009, Vanessa saw the potentials to collaborate with Creating Our Paradise, and decided to contribute her editorial expertise to benefit an even greater scope of audience around the globe.  Vanessa has an academic background in Finance and Environmental Science, she works as a freelance environmental journalist and educator.  She is also a co-founder of the Canadian Youth Climate Coalition, founded on September 10th 2006.