Transformation of Humanity through Harmony with Nature

Webinar Date and Time: Monday, March 22, 2010 - 9:00pm EST (North America)

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Transformation of Humanity through Harmony with Nature

Existing paradigm technology, that is completely unable to see itself as functioning outside of, or beyond ‘exploitation’, is unable to create or design anything that is not ‘beast of burdon’ or slave technology.

So, consequently, we find ourselves in a situation where all existing infrastructure is ‘wrong’ is the enemy! And in no way, shape or form can be seen as Sustainable.

Sustainability within the existing paradigm, is infinitely impossible…it can not be even remotely conceived

When we are able to put ourselves into the mind of the Plant….the ‘primary producer’ on the planet, we begin to open our predatory mind into a new dimension.

This is where the new paradigm lies….it is in fact a jump to a new dimension.

We must make the jump. It is our only hope of salvation…it is our salvation!

Collectively, we are already in the process of making this leap; we only need to bring consciousness to what we are already doing and have always been destined to do.

Wolfgang Amelung is an experimental engineer in the field of Ecological Engineering. A philosopher and biologist focused on string theory design in constructed ecosystems, and creator of successful indoor ‘High Order’ Rainforest Ecosystems.





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